May 2020

Hello May. You came silently and swiftly! All of a sudden April was done and here you are! Me Made May is on! I’m taking part in my own way for the first time this year. Read about it here.
So I hope to get more sewing time in this month and to get my plans ready for when my finances allow me to buy more fabric. There’s so many great patterns that have come out last month and this month will probably see some more!
Are you doing Me Made May (Plus) this year?

new releases

Style ArcJune Sheath Dress
Again Style Arc creates this uber cute dress! A simple a-line, pockets and an incredible amount of ways this could be styled depending on fabric and shoes alone! It doesn’t suit my body at all, but still…….too cute!

Megan Nielsen Dove blouse
Another Megan Nielsen pattern, this time an oldy, but a goody. Updated sizes makes this work for me too! I’m usually not a fan of woven blouses and tops because most of the times the size ranges just aren’t the right size. I’ll feel like a sausage in the top/blouse. This one though…’s gorgeous! Quite a few variations. I think a sleeveless one would work too. I might just have to buy this, maybe….

Muna and Broad Willandra Pants
Another wonderful looking pants from Muna & Broad! I’m a big fan of their style. I’ve made two Glebe pants and the Sculthorpe Pants are cut out and ready to be sewn. This pant is very precise about the fabric you use. Soft and drapey. I think it would look great with the Dove blouse.

Seamwork Lyle
One of those dresses you could wear all summer long. Make a few in different colours or patterns and you could have a dress for quite a few occasions. I’m not sure of the fit for my body, but it’s still very cute!

Konigin Mutter – German pattern shop
Ilka from Erbsuende has set up a new (German) brand especially for maternity, breastfeeding and babies. As with Erbsuende her patterns go up to a EU size 56!

Style ArcAustin jacket
Great, sporty jacket. Would be ideal as rain jacket, or a hiking jacket made out of sweater fabric. I especially like the high collar.

Helen’s ClosetArden Pants
Front and back pockets, different ways to finish the legs. Depending on fabric there are loads of was to wear these pants. I would just about fit into a size 30 (finished measurements), but it would then fit rather snug on my hips. Adding an inch extra seams allowance might help. I’ve got other patterns to make pants like these.

Erbsuende Raglan Blouse Primavera
Look at the sleeves! Those wristbands! Cute! If you need a work appropiate blouse with some flair but comfortable to wear, this could be it. If you are like me and you don’t want these kinds of wristbands, it would be easy to add a small tunnel and some elastic I think.

Rebecca PagePleated Skirt
Inverted box pleats; I’m not sure if I’m a fan. I’m afraid they might look totally frumpy on me. But this skirt sure does look good in the tester pictures. There’s multiple lengths and even different options to the way you pleat your dress. The one thing that I can’t find are pockets!! And it just has to have pockets, right??

Friday Pattern CompanySagebrush Top
It’s cute!!!!! And goes up to a size 7X!! Great spring/summer top that I would wear with a flowy midi/maxi skirt or with some cool pants. I’m just a bit scared that the ruffle on the front would sit slap bam over my bust and make it look huge. Throwing my upper body totally out of balance. I could always leave it off, I guess.

Style Arc Texas Pants
Another one of those cool pant patterns by Style Arc. I’ll have to hand over my money to them, again….. Love love love it! The pockets, the faux fly, the length…. I need it in denim, linen, viscose, maybe even sweater fabric! I would wear it with sandals, sneakers, heels or booties. I mean, anything goes!

Sonia Estep DesignNicolette
A top, tunic, dress, maxi dress, 2 necklines, five sleeves….you get it all in this pattern! Just like it love it, multiple options and a ton of ways to style this. Also, I adore the a-line shap, it fits me well. I think it would fit a lot of people really well.

Muna and BroadNullabor Cami and Dress
It’s just fa-bu-lous! Like all their patterns. I can see myself living in tops and dresses all summer long! Lovely and floaty, dressy and sporty, to run around at home in and to wear at a party. I adore it!
Here you see the designer in one of her makes that I think is fab!

Sew DIYTasi Robe and Jacket
This a draft-it-yourself pattern, no pattern pieces, just information on how to draw your own pieces. A challenge after my heart. And the pattern is uber cool as well. A long robe or a jacket, ‘for any size human’. Love the boxy shape, especially in the jacket.
In this picture you see the designer in her gorgeous jacket version.

Made by RaeWashi Dress
Yes! Finally, the Washi dress in extended sizes. I can make one without grading up. Just a simple one in linen in green or mustard yellow. Ooh I can see myself wearing it. Always a good sign.

What a great patterns this month! I’ve bought a few and put some others on my maybe list. I haven’t done everything on my To-Sew-List for Me Made may Plus 2020, but I’m OK with that. Life happens and I’ve gathered some great ideas this month for some more Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Sewing. Through the hashtag and the Fat Sewing Club I found some new sewists to follow. It was a good month.
I’m looking forward to what June will bring.


April 2020

Hello sewing peeps! How is the staying inside going? I am starting this blog on Wednesday April 1st and yesterday heard from our Prime Minister that isoloation will be extended to the end of the month, the 28th. So four more weeks, at least…..I’m going slightly mad already. I’m not scared, I’ve given myself over to the situation, but I have found out, for sure now, that I am not meant to be a stay-at-home mum. I miss going out to work and being something else than just mum.
I am dying to go out for the day and visit allllll the fabric shops! And I dream of locking myself into the workroom and sew for a whole week! I hate buying fabric online, but I might just have to do it next week or so.
How are you all holding up? How much have you sewn over the isolation period?

new pattern releases

Style ArcPortsea luxe sweat
Gosh, how I love (most of) Style Arc’s patterns! They’re always so on trend! Like this new sweater / t-shirt. Slightly over-sized, boxy, high-low hem….perfect! Wouldn’t it look good with the Muna & Broad Sculthorpe?

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March 2020

Even though I haven’t written a blog in over a year, I am still sewing. I’m not about to start blogging often either. So what am I doing here? Well, I miss posts about new releases. Sure I follow a lot of patternmakers on the Socials, but just an overview to look back on and to inspire would be great!
So that’s what I’n going to try to do. Write a monthly overview about the new patterns releases that month. I’m going to mention them, link to where you can find them, give you my opinion and some pictures. No technical stuff! And only patterns that would fit (at least) me; bust 53″ & hip 60″
How about that?

So March 2020, you were quite the challenge. Social distancing, lots of time at home and also loads of new patterns. It seems like a perfect match, but to be honest, I couldn’t really get my head around sewing for spring/summer yet. Too many questions and other priorities kept cropping up. Fingers crossed this virus calms down soon and we will be able to make plans again.
In the mean time, these are the many, many, many patterns that got released this month. I probably didn’t get them all, so do let me know if I missed something special!

Wardrobe by MeBalloon Cardigan
My first thought was; ‘A bomber jacket. Naaaaah, I don’t do those.’ But then I looked again, and I changed my mind. I still don’t do bomberjackets, but this is certainly different. One of those jackets you can wear with many different styles, depending on the fabric, colour and patterns. It’s not my cup of tea, but it has grown on me.

Sewing Challenge · Stijl

DIY Gudrun Sjoden

No, no, no, no….Gudrun Sjoden is not coming out with a sewing pattern line, unfortunately…..But oh how I wished she would! For years I have been oogling her clothes and wishing I had all the money in the world to buy everything! The style, the shapes, the colours, the prints…..I just get so happy when I see it. 
But the prices hold me back, I only ever bought one piece in a sale. I kept looking and wishing….and then her new Winter/Christmas catalogue arrived this week and all of a sudden inspiration hit me! Why not sew it myself?! How Come I never thought of that? 

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Schlupfkleid of Mumu

Waarom wilde je dit patroon maken?
Toen ik dit patroon tegen kwam op Makerist deed ik nog net geen klein dansje, maa rer is geloof ik wel een kleine ‘Yay!’ te horen geweest. Dit is een patroon wat ik al jaaaaaaaren graag wilde hebben, maar nooit in mijn maat tegen kwam. Tot nu. Soms moet je ergens tegen aan lopen.
Het is ook een patroon waar je of van houd of wat je haat. Bekend als een ‘tent’ of ‘mumu’, in de plussize wereld wordt er wel wat spastisch over gedaan. Want…..het kleed niet af (nou en), het is zooooo jaren ’80 (ik houd wel van een beetje retro), het is niet modieus (daar maak ik deze jurk ook niet voor), ‘we’ zijn toch al wel verder gekomen dan deze tenten in de plussize mode? (Maar daarom kan ik het nog wel willen dragen!)
Alles valt of staat bij de stof met deze jurk!


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